Ho Ho Hold-up!

Tis the Seasoned!

“Lacey, please take a step back. You’re blocking my face.”


“Lacey, please.” Meg gave me a not-quite-patient expression. “It’s just one step to the left.”

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Sneak Peek Synopsis – Lacey Luzzi: Suckered!

Lacey Luzzi: Suckered

Lacey Luzzi: Suckered – releasing 9/2/2016


When Lacey, Meg, and the rest of the gang find themselves buckled into airplane seats and jetting across the Atlantic Ocean, it’s not a sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride sort of flight. Between Meg’s new diet, Lacey’s feverish wedding nightmares, and an unwanted stow along, the family’s first trip out of the country promises to be one chaotic disaster.

As the wheels touch down in beautiful Milan, Italy, Lacey Luzzi’s Security Services are back in business in a serious way. The Violet Society, a group of elite, uber-stealthy criminals have come out of hiding—and Lacey’s tasked with finding them. As if gelaterias and house wines aren’t enough of a distraction, Anthony is swept away by secret business, Carlos uncovers a friend from his past, and Nora’s convinced she’s got a new grand baby.

Despite all this, if Lacey can’t put a stop to the thefts, her client will be out millions of dollars. Even worse? If The Violet Society finds her first, she’ll have a lot more to worry about than a few missing jewels.

Releasing September 2nd, 2016

Lacey Luzzi: Christmas in July!

Hi, Friends!

The other week, I was gearing up to put Seasoned on sale for a special “Christmas in July” promotion. It got me thinking… I wonder what the Luzzi Gang is up to for the festivities? Do they celebrate? Is it a disaster? What would Anthony think? One thing led to the next, and suddenly I had a short story on my hands. It’s not polished, it hasn’t been edited—it really is just a fun little story that I hope you can enjoy in the spirit of Christmas! 🙂 I really hope it’s a fun way to reconnect with the Luzzi Clan until the next book… which is coming soon! I am shooting for an early fall release of Lacey Luzzi: Book 9. Without further ado…

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Map of The Isle – a magical island featured in The Magic & Mixology series!

Hi guys! This is the map of The Isle, the magical island featured in The Magic & Mixology series. It’s mostly accurate, though I realize not everything in the books is pictured here – that would make for one messy map! The designer custom made this for me – she’s a super talented woman from Italy, and I can’t want for another “world” so I can get more maps made! I just love them! Which is ironic because I am terrible with directions. 🙂

Thanks for looking! If you’d like to check out the first book in the series: Hex on the Beach, just click on the photo and it will take you to Amazon.




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