Lacey Luzzi Series

Lacey Luzzi is a humorous, cozy mystery that fans of Janet Evanovich will enjoy. Silly, sugary and a little bit crazy, these are perfect to make airplane trips fly by, make you chuckle on a bummer sort of day or make you smile before bed.
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Book 1 – Sprinkled

Lacey Luzzi: Sprinkled, is a full-length, laugh-out-loud, humorous cozy mystery with a strong female protagonist in the spirit of Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum, albeit one working for the wrong side of the law…

Book 2 – Sparkled

Assignment Numero Dos for Lacey comes straight from the Godfather himself. When one of the Luzzi Family’s low-ranking associates turns up dead, Carlos believes it may be the doing of the rival Russian mob, and he orders Lacey to find the killer. But every detail about the assignment is a little too neat, a little too tidy, and a little too good to be true. Could this really be an open and shut case, complete with a confession from the murderer?

Book 3 – Salted

After taking a gig with her grandfather – the Don of the Italian mafia – Lacey Luzzi has been in for a wild ride. Stolen property, rogue weddings and uncomfortable Family dinners – she’s seen it all. However this time, when Carlos interrupts Lacey’s sugar-induced nap with a phone call, he gives her an assignment that sends her skidding into a place she least expects: the local spa.

Book 4 – Sauced

Lacey Luzzi is all sorts of starred, striped, and spangled as she returns in Sauced, reunited with Meg, Clay, and Anthony just in time for the Fourth of July!
Unfortunately, the rapidly approaching holiday means Lacey can no longer ignore the Luzzi Family Festivities – a picnic held every year on Independence Day. Filled to bursting with limoncello, ice cream cake, and illegal Mexican fireworks – the event promises to be an utter nightmare.

Book 5 – Smored

After her grandfather gifts her a relaxing weekend at his luxury cabin, Lacey packs her best friend Meg into the Lumina and together they take off, dreaming of a girls’ weekend filled with bonfires, boat rides, and work-free days. However, when three unexpected visitors show up on the doorstep of the Luzzi cabin, her plans of peace and quiet are foiled.

Book 6 – Spooked

Haunted houses, candy, costumes…and a ghost. Once again, Lacey Luzzi hasn’t signed up for any of it. Except the candy. But when Carlos corners her with a very special request, she can’t bring herself to say no. With three days to Halloween, Lacey is drawn into a high stakes mission where she’s forced to investigate those closest to her – and they don’t like it.
However, Lacey doesn’t have a choice. If she can’t expose the traitor in time, the Luzzi Haunted House may take a turn from spooky, to downright scary.

Book 7 – Seasoned

It’s a few days before Christmas, and Lacey Luzzi & gang are at a dead end in their search for Jackson Cole. So when Lacey receives a job offer from none other than the rich, the glamorous, the Hollywood-bound Miss Harriet Lizabeth Morgan the Third, she says yes.

Book 8 – Spiced

Love is in the air at Casa Luzzi! Hearts, stars, and tiny gel-cling cupids line the windows while Meg, Clay, Anthony, and Lacey struggle to navigate the waters of their new and (mostly) improved relationships.
But it’s not all sunshine and sprinkles over at the Luzzi Estate. With Marissa and Clarissa on the run from home, Lacey is tasked to find them – and find them fast.

Book 9 – Suckered

When Lacey, Meg, and The Family find themselves buckled into airplane seats and jetting across the Atlantic Ocean, it’s not a sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride sort of flight. Between Meg’s new diet, Lacey’s feverish wedding nightmares, and an unwanted stowaway, the gang’s first trip out of the country promises to be one chaotic disaster.
As the wheels touch down in Milan, Lacey Luzzi Security Services are back in business in a serious way. The Violet Society, a group of elite, uber-stealthy criminals, have come out of hiding—and Lacey’s tasked with finding them.

Book 10 – Sugared

Wedding bells are ringing in Luzzi Land! The church is booked, the decorations are set, and the cakes—all ten of them—are ready to be frosted. Lacey Luzzi is getting married, and her grandmother finally gets to cry those tears of joy, gosh darn it.
Until one phone call changes everything.